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Implement the finest techno-educational solution for your school’s pre-primary section. Bring Teeny Beans’ expertise into your classroom and leverage the power of AI to take your curriculum delivery to a whole new level.

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Preschool Marketing Solutions

Leverage Buzzapp to unlock the power of Word-Of-Mouth marketing to maximise preschool admissions. Utilise our deeply embedded skill-sets as school marketeers to market your school in your local communities.

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Video Marketing

Virtual Tour

Instant Message Marketing

SEO (Search Engine Optimization)

E-mail Marketing

Audio Marketing

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Need Help With Marketing Solutions

Need Help With
Marketing Solutions

Solve all your queries of marketing solutions now. Ask us and we’ll find you a way!

Admininstration Solutions For Preschool Owners and Adminstrators

Smoothen your daily preschool management process with the administration preschool solutions provided by us. Minimize the troubles and save your efforts, time and ideas for the most essential tasks, while we guide and support in fulfillment of your administrative tasks. With our professional team and brilliant ideas, your administration process becomes seamless and effective

Adminstration Technology

Curriculum Implementation

Employee Training

Preschool Marketing

Technology Solution Providers for School Administration

With an experience of over a decade in school administration, our technology solutions for schools help with the administration needs of mid and large sized educational institutions. Manage classrooms, parent teacher communications, operations and administration seamlessly with our suite of SaaS based technology solutions for schools.

Digital Books

Blockchain Technology

Artificial Inteligence

Multi Sensory Classrooms

VR and AR

Attendance & Progress Tracking

Remote Learning

Intractive Gamification

Staff Management

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Read the most suitable administration preschool solutions, analyze their effectiveness, and be familiar with all necessary information for your informed management decisions

Skill Up Your Staff & Be a Superhero at your Preschool

Skill Up Your Staff & Be a Superhero at your Preschool

Skill up with us @ Atheneum with a Global network of Professionals is UK, USA, Middle East, Africa and Asia

Latest Trends In Preschool Education

Remain connected with the latest trends shaping the future of education in early years. Partner with us and never get left behind in implementing proven methodologies shaping the learning journeys of kids across the globe.

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Trending Themes for Preschools in 2023

There’s always a new theme around the corner. Thematic lessons that enrich classrooms can now be found on Teeny Beans’ academic platform for educators. Subscribe today to gain all year round access to a world of learning.

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