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Teaching toddlers the right way is always a tough task. You need to be attentive about the concepts you teach and their understanding of it. 

A child’s mind is curious and is in one of the most active stages during early childhood. As a consequence, it is significant as a teacher or a parent that we ensure establishing a sound base of children during this stage. 

As a preschool teacher, or a parent, do you want to improve nursery worksheets for children and make them exciting and attractive? This blog will highlight topics that you should include in a nursery class worksheet. Keep reading the blog for better knowledge over this topic! 

You can also download Teeny Beans’ preschool worksheets .pdf and give a better learning experience to children. 


What are nursery worksheets? 


Impressions made during early childhood impact the whole life of a child. Therefore, you need to make sure that this impression is made correctly with the assistance of accurate teaching given to them. Apart from what is taught in the preschool, nursery worksheets can play an important role in helping children study well without hesitating and go through all concepts. 

These worksheets are a part of the kindergarten curriculum. And, the importance of kindergarten curriculum should be known to you for better comprehension of nursery worksheets. Today, every preschool tends to provide a regular nursery class worksheet for children. Such nursery worksheets are equipped with practice concepts that children are taught in preschool. In addition, these worksheets are not only studious but also very interesting for children. 


If a nursery class worksheet is boring and involves only activities of reading or writing, children will not choose it over their playtime. That is the reason that nursery worksheets should offer something more than learning. They should engage children in extra curricular activities as well. Nursery worksheets consist of a total of activities that are appealing for children and help them study. They include concepts of Literacy such as reading and writing, Mathematics such as number counting, etc. and even fun activities like painting, drawing, crafting, exercises to be done in front of parents, etc. 


Our preschool worksheets pdf is enriched with all these attributes required for a worksheet. Get the pdf and help your child study accurately. Thus, the main objective of a nursery class worksheet is to instil knowledge in children without asking them constantly to fill up a worksheet. It should grab their attention instantly. 


Crucialness of Nursery Class Worksheet 


As discussed above, a nursery class worksheet is of utter importance in a child’s life. It is like a constant reminder for a child’s necessity to learn at home even. The following pointers below discuss the crucialness of a nursery class worksheet. 


An Engaging Activity


Working on worksheets is an engaging activity for children. A worksheet includes everything from attractive fonts to fascinating pictures, every element of a nursery class worksheet compels children to work on it. Thus, as the worksheet covers every concept including every child’s interested topic, children will be more than ready to work on it. The nursery worksheets act as an inculcating element for children. 


From art to reading and writing, the worksheets will help those joyous kids to sit down quietly for some time and study seriously. 


Fun Way of Learning 


Nursery worksheets are a fun way of learning. They do not include direct concepts of just writing or reading. However, the worksheets are filled with fun ways to learn and complete the worksheets. On one page, there’s a puzzle leading to alphabets, while on the other there are exercises with pictures to circle the odd one out. These exercises promote fun learning with cognitive development of children and teach problem-solving skills. 


Therefore, there’s no chance a kid will get bored with such activities in a nursery class worksheet.  


Explore Several Topics 


Nursery class worksheets are fun and do not only focus on a single concept. The worksheets’ space is occupied thoroughly with various topics that are taught in class. Be it counting from 1 to 10, or colouring , or drawing a circle or triangle, and even reciting a short story to parents, the worksheets have everything. 


The presence of different topics in the nursery worksheets help children to explore their own interest among all the topics present. 


Study at Home Easily


As a parent, it is really difficult to ask your preschoolers to study while you will always find them playing, eating or taking their naps. However, the nursery class worksheet acts as an interest booster for children. The attractiveness and charming activities in the worksheets attract children, Thus, parents do not have to worry about their child not studying or handling the running child during teaching. 


Children easily study at home with the presence of nursery worksheets in front of them.


Enhance Knowledge 


Not only do nursery worksheets attract children, but they also enhance the knowledge of children. Worksheets allow children to practice and revise what has been taught in the preschool. This enriches their knowledge of certain topics and sharpens their mind while assisting toddlers to learn properly through rewriting and revision. 


Build Skills and Interests 


Nursery worksheets explore several topics and allow children to look out for their interested topic among others. Children recognize their interests and skills during this process. 


"The enlightenment of the self "


They start recognizing their presence as an individual and their own hobbies and interests and search it furthermore.


Must include these in your nursery worksheets


A nursery class worksheet needs to be to the point and as per the convenience of children. Making nursery worksheets isn’t a tough task. You just have to include what has been taught in the preschool. However, making nursery worksheets interesting is the main task. 


There are certain things to keep in mind while designing a nursery class worksheet. For your convenience, we listed some important points to keep in mind when you design a worksheet. However, you can also use our preschool worksheets pdf and use these worksheets specially designed for toddlers to provide them a learning experience which is worth it. 


Attractive Colours and Pictures


When it comes to children, they are most attracted towards bright colours. Balloons, toys, candies, etc. define some attributes related to children. Thus, your nursery class worksheet should contain bright colours and pictures that are related to both the children and the concepts. Pictures will help a great deal to catch their attention and can act as a visual representation of different objects they should have knowledge about.


Writing Exercises


Do not forget to include writing exercises in the nursery class worksheet. Writing helps not only to learn concepts but it also increases knowledge about that concept every time. Apart from that, regular writing practises will act as an exercise for muscles. It will  help toddlers to set their hands for writing in school and enrich their handwriting as well. Thus, writing exercises are a must in nursery worksheets.  


Fun Learning Activities 


Apart from being informative, the activities involved in the worksheet should be fun to do. Providing tasks to do directly will bore the children. Opt for exercises such as circling odd one out, matching, snake map, colouring specific shapes, pasting crushed papers, matchstick counting, etc. 


These activities in nursery worksheets will provide a fun experience of learning to children and they will be ready themselves to do the work. 


Creative Tasks 


Provide creative tasks to children. Ask them to make a paper boat or anything related to origami and attach it to the worksheet. You can also ask them to learn a dance step or poem and recite it to the class the other day. Or making a snowman from cotton. Include suitable creative tasks in the nursery class worksheet and see the magic of interest happening among children. It will arouse their excitement of learning. 




Learning basics is a part of preschool teaching. These basics shouldn’t only be related to literature or numericals, but also related to different concepts. Comprehension of surroundings is significant for children as well. Shapes are a part of their environment. Thus, the worksheets should involve learning of contrasting shapes such as circle, triangle, rectangles, etc. 




Include tasks related to numbers such as writing or learning number counting, etc. Give them match exercises. Establishing a sound base in Maths is necessary as it builds pre-maths skills for schooling among toddlers. 




Making a nursery class worksheet is an interesting task. It is simple until you do it the correct way. Such worksheets are a part of preschooling and should be a motivating factor for studying. Teeny Beans Preschool Curriculum is there to provide you with every digital material including resources, worksheets, audio books, etc. essential for healthy learning of toddlers. Use Teeny Beans Preschool curriculum and get access to a magnificent learning experience. 


Teeny Beans, a zero royalty preschool franchise assists its partners in these worksheets so that children are equipped with a good experience of learning. You can download our preschool worksheets pdf and get the most appropriate worksheets for toddlers significant for their holistic development. 


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