Deliver Lessons for Classroom and Homeschool With a solid research-backed early years curriculum powering you.

Our resource rich educators platform makes it convenient for educators to deliver highly interactive lessons for preschoolers. Educators have all year access to video content, audio libraries, lesson plans and so much more. Our P-S-A (Prime, Specific & Augmented) curriculum framework makes learning highly effective while our platform drives learner engagement.

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Peer-reviewed Lesson Plans

Specially created and widely implemented lesson plans that you can bank upon. We work extensively with educators and schools to keep adding and perfecting lessons for early years.

Daily Plan

Daily Plan

A detailed planner that every educator would love. Covers every aspect of our P-S-A curriculum and provides byte sized lesson plan that engages kids throughout the day.

Weekly Plan

Weekly Plan

A weekly summary of the different aspects of the EYFS that the curriculum has covered. Helps educators review the week gone by and plan for the week ahead.

Monthly Plan

Monthly Plan

A thematic monthly plan for educators to plan the delivery of a highly effective preschool curriculum. Discover how micro-lesson plans merge seamlessly with macro-monthly plans as we co-deliver the preschool curriculum with you.

Make your Ideal Lesson Plan

Feel the need to Tinker with the lesson plans to contextualise it for your learners. Use our AI driven preschool curriculum platform to create your own lesson plans and make it available to your learners.

Daily PlanWeekly PlanMonthly Plan

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Facing doubts while planning your preschool curriculum? Let us help you with the process and make things easier and effective!

Resources To Choose From

We provide you with all the preschool learning resources you need to implement your version of the perfect preschool program.

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Skill Up with Us & to Be a superhero at your Preschool

Skill Up with Us &
to Be a superhero at your Preschool

Get skilled with us @Atheneum with a Global network of Professionals in UK, USA, Middle East, Africa and Asia

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Report Card Years-2-3

Years 2-3

Report Card Years-3-4

Years 3-4

Report Card Years-4-5

Years 4-5

Report Card Years-5-6

Years 5-6

EYFS Curriculum & Its Impact

The Early Years Foundation Stage (EYFS) curriculum sets standards for the learning, development, and care children birth to 5-years-old. It`s the first stage of a child`s education. it ends when child enters Key Stage One (KS1).

EYFS Curriculum & Its Impact


& Language


the World


Expressive Arts
& Desgine

Personal, Social
& Emotional

New Interventions in Preschool Education

New Interventions in Preschool Education

Check Out what new interventions are going to be implemented in Preschool education system

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