Celebration Ideas for Preschool

From Hanukkah to Holi - don’t miss out on any celebration from across the world.

Join us in picking and choosing from the vast reservoir of Celebrations that we implement at our partner schools across the world. Never fall short of resources required to implement the perfect celebration day at your preschool.

From Hanukkah to Holi - don’t miss out on any celebration from across the world.

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Find relevant and helpful content ideas for planning the next Celebration at your preschool.

Celebration Worksheets

Use our specially curated preschool celebration worksheets for Chinese New Year, Mother’s day, Halloween and Christmas. Help children develop an appreciation of different cultures and instill the right values.


Audio Books

Celebration Stories

Have a great Celebration you had recently. Share it with us and inspire other educators around you.

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YouTube Videos for your reference

A collection of informative and entertaining videos to help parents and teachers understand occasion-based resources for preschoolers. Watch and learn how to make the most out of special events and holidays.

Frequently Asked Questions

Where can I find some Christmas themed worksheets for toddlers?

Teeny Beans Preschool Curriculum supplies the most effective Christmas worksheets for preschoolers that contain endless fun practices to learn about the festival. 

What is the easiest way to explain Mother’s Day to preschoolers?

Mother’s day can be explained to preschoolers through different video and audio books made for the occasion by Teeny Beans Preschool Curriculum that allows the use of such ebooks to help children learn better. 

How to celebrate mother’s day in preschools?

You can celebrate Mother’s day in preschools by decorating the building, asking children to bring special food, making cards for their mothers, listening to audio and video books associated with Mother’s day, and sending flowers and love to mothers of all preschoolers. 

How to use the Chinese new year celebration for teaching toddlers?

Chinese New Year celebration is an effective way to instill excitement among preschoolers who will learn with a more determined approach as it will be interesting for them.

You can show them videos, decorate the preschool with them, listen to audiobooks and much more to make them understand the relevance of the occasion. 

Are Chinese new year worksheets helpful for preschoolers?

Chinese New Year worksheets are filled with colors, decoration and fun activities to learn and understand the concepts. That is why such worksheets are beneficial for children and help in better learning. 

Where to find some interesting video books for Halloween at preschool?

Get the best fascinating video books for preschoolers at Teeny Beans Preschool Curriculum where there are multiple video options to get an entertaining approach towards learning. 

What are good worksheets ideas for Halloween celebration for preschoolers?

For Halloween at preschool, you can design the worksheets in the required theme, introduce some fun activities in it, spell the letters of Halloween and count them, learn about the occasion, draw and ghost and color it. 

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