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Theme Of The Month - Community Helpers

At Teeny Beans, we believe that learning begins with understanding the world around us. Our engaging monthly thematic curriculum centered on "Community Helpers" empowers young minds to discover the heroes in their neighborhoods. Our immersive program fosters a sense of belonging and teaches the importance of teamwork and community.

Preschool Theme Based on Community Helpers

Celebration Ideas

Through hands-on activities, stories, and interactive play, children explore the roles of firefighters, doctors, police officers, and more. They'll don uniforms, play out scenarios, and develop empathy while gaining essential life skills.


Through colorful and informative worksheets, children get to know our community heroes better. They'll explore the daily tasks, uniforms, and tools of firefighters, doctors, police officers, and more. These worksheets encourage kids to draw connections between what they see in their neighborhoods and the people who make it all possible.


Audio Books

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Frequently Asked Questions

How to explain community helpers to preschoolers?

Videos can be used to depict the different kinds of community helpers and their roles in our lives. This way children will be able to learn and understand better. 

What are some ideas for community helper themed worksheets?

You can add pictures of different community helpers and ask children to identify and name them. Also, the worksheets can include matching helpers to their names. One can color a tool of the community helpers. For more ideas, you can check worksheets for preschoolers.

Why is teaching community helpers essential to children?

Children must know about their surroundings and the people they come in contact with. This helps in personal growth and development, which is why preschoolers must know about community helpers.

Where can I find audiobooks of community helpers for play schoolers?

You can find several relevant audiobooks for children on our platform Teeny Beans Preschool Curriculum which supplies all kinds of resources including audiobooks, videos, worksheets, quizzes, etc to assist preschoolers in their studies. 

What are the ways to decorate preschool in a community helper theme?

One can add pictures and posters of different community helpers on the preschool walls. You can also paste pictures of the tools used. This is an effective decoration for the community helper theme. 

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