Exploring the World of Wild Animals

Your Classroom Curated With the Theme Animals

Escalate children’s compassion and interest in animals whilst teaching them with the use of our resources under the themes for the preschoolers and bring ecstasy to your classroom.

Exploring the World of Wild Animals

Celebration Ideas

Take a look at our celebration ideas of the theme animals and use it to make children learn while they are enjoying your themed occasion.


Give the right knowledge and teaching to preschoolers. Use animal-themed worksheets to enhance their revision, interest and learning abilities.


Audio Books

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YouTube Videos for your reference

Discover a compilation of engaging videos that provide valuable insights into the use of theme-based resources for preschoolers. These videos will assist both parents and teachers in effectively teaching preschoolers about various concepts in an entertaining and straightforward manner.

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Frequently Asked Questions

How will audiobooks assist in learning types of animals to preschoolers?

Audiobooks will recite the types, again and again, to make an impression on the youngsters' minds while they learn smoothly and develop their pronunciation.

Where to find the best decoration ideas for animal theme in preschools?

If you are looking for Animal themed decoration ideas, Teeny Beans Preschool Curriculum is an all-in-one platform to get all resources preschoolers need for different themes.

Are there video books for Animals topic for preschoolers?

Yes, there are several video books for animal theme lessons to preschoolers on Teeny Beans Preschool Curriculum. 

What are some worksheet ideas for teaching Animals topic to kids?
  • Identifying different animals
  • Learning the types of animals
  • Coloring animal pictures
  • Spelling animal names
Why is teaching types of animals significant for children?

To know more about one's surroundings and species around them, it is necessary for children to learn about animals and get a better understanding of the world.

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