What’s New In Preschool Education?

What’s more exciting and effective than young children’s introduction to technology and its wonders in the foundation laying stage of their lives? The escalating technological practices demand everyone to be advanced, even toddlers because that’s how their interests and skills grow! Instill new skills with the ‘What’s New’ feature by Teeny Beans Preschool Curriculum and bring in the newest teaching trend in preschool education to your little ones.

What’s New In Preschool Education?


Boost children’s interest and skills in robotics at the earliest stage of life and introduce them to a world of technology and opportunities. As a sub head of STEM, robotics induces creativity into children and makes their minds active.

• With our platform for Robotics, add the subject to your curriculum and inject out of the box thoughts in your kids.
• Begin the first step to the enlightenment journey in early childhood education.
• The right way to instill skills is through the right practise of Robotics, with right revision and resources that we supply!
• Teach while disguising it as a play.
• Preparation of a better and technologically advanced future commences with Robotics and Teeny Beans Preschool Curriculum.

Implant the seeds of innovation and ideas with the introduction of ‘Robotics’ to your preschool curriculum.



A digital world with digitally advanced youngsters sounds like a great plan? Making toddlers acquainted with coding to make them think as a computer programmer is a kick start to their future.

• Disguised Fun-activities and games that make children learn without their notice.
• Generate logical thinking with problem solving skills at the accurate age for laying a better educational foundation.
• Children develop resilience and get competitive with Coding.
• With Teeny Beans Preschool Curriculum, access easy coding resources such as fun games, activities, worksheets, quizzes and much more to make them learn and grow simultaneously.

Educate children with the newest preschool education trends and give a boost to their journey of a better version of themselves and open a door to wider opportunities of growth for them.

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